Message from the President Walter Marzinko

German Canadian Congress, Ontario
Deutschkanadischer Kongress, Ontario

Dear Friends, my Name is Walter Marzinko and a few month ago I was elected Chairman
of the German Canadian Congress of Ontario. A brief History of myself. I was born in
Slovakia in 1944 in a ethnic German village that had recently celebrated its 700th years
anniversary. We had to flee our village and came to Germany in 1945.  I grew up in
Germany until  the age of 18, and emigrated to the USA in 1963–until 1968. I stayed in
Germany for 2 Years and finally emigrated to Canada in 1970. I have been an active
member of the DKK for almost 20 years as a Webmaster and lately as Treasurer.

When the DKK hit a Roadblock in deciding how we should proceed after Gerhard
Griebenow could not continue more as the President, due to a tremendous workload to
other German Associations he served, and as no other person came forward to run as
President the decision was made to fold the DKK completely after nearly 30 years of
I could not agree to this decision and tried tirelessly to keep the DKK afloat, after many
month of work I had found enough willing  volunteers  to continue the very important task
of keeping the DKK alive.

Mr. Gerhard Griebenow had done a tremendous Job as President and I will consult him with
helpful hints of how to proceed in the future. Also many many thanks will go to Mr.Ernst
Friedel who had been tirelessly working for the last 25 years as President. But as it is with
many of us the Age factor will catch up with us. He also is willing also to help me in many
ways to keep the DKK alive. As well as with challenges at times that come up upon
It is my wish that many of you will stay as or become member of the German Canadian
Congress. I am looking forward to a good relationship and I wish all of you only the best.

Walter Marzinko, President DKK, Ontario