Message from the President Gerhard Griebenow
                                       Dear friends, my name is Gerhard Griebenow. A few month ago I was
                                      elected chairman of the German Canadian Congress for Ontario,   
                                      Quebec and Eastern Canada. Some of you know me already, others
                                      not. Please allow me to briefly introduce myself. I was born in
                                      Germany and came to Canada in 1960. Since my immigration       
    I                                    worked in German Canadian organizations and served my  German-
                                      Canadian compatriots in many ways.

                                      Since 1998, I am the chairman of the Association of German-Canadian
                                      clubs in Region of Kitchener-Waterloo. During the Years 2006 to 2013
                                      I was Director of the German language school Concordia in Kitchener, and since
    2008, I am Chairman of the "German Pioneers Day" Committee. About two years ago I was honored by
    receiving the "Bundesverdienst-kreuz" from the Federal Republic of Germany. I could go on, but for now
    that is enough about myself

    As I have accepted this responsible position to be chairman of the German Canadian Congress, I will do
    my best for the organization, its members and for our German Canadian community.  At this point I
    would like to tell you briefly where the board of directors and I would like to go in the future. There will be
    a few changes, but in any case, we want to continue to work along the spirit and the goals, as they are
    outlined in our Mission Statement. I will now read a few of these goals
    The German-Canadian Congress is an umbrella organization for German clubs, churches and
    companies in Canada and for individuals who are interested in the work and  the goals of the German
    Canadian Congress support these.

    The German-Canadian Congress is an umbrella organization for German clubs, churches, companies
    and individuals who are interested in and support our goals as outlined in our Mission Statement. They

    1; to give Canadians, whose heritage is German, a united voice towards  the government, the media
    and the public at large;

    2; to make known the contributions that Canadians of German heritage and others, who are sympathetic
    to our cause, have made to build our community, province and country.  In special cases these persons
    are honoured by receiving the “Heritage Award” of the German-Canadian Congress;

    3; to meet regularly with representatives of the different levels of government and the media in order to
    present the concerns of our members;

    4; to have a good relationship and work together with the German Embassy  in Ottawa and with the
    Consulate General in Toronto;

    5 to take a firm stand against unfair stereotyping and untrue accusations against Canadians of German

    6; to take a firm stand on protecting the rights of the individual person within the laws of Canada and the
    Human Rights Declaration of the United Nations;

    7; to support clubs, whose cultural background is German, in their work to preserve
    German heritage, language and traditions, and to be a link between those clubs;

    8; to be an information centre for persons who have questions about German-Canadian issues
    regardless where these persons live or where they come from;

    9; to have representatives in all districts of Eastern Canada.

    The main event of the DKK is Germanica. A celebration, at which we show ourselves and our culture in a
    very positive way to the public. The last Germanica took place in 2009 the next one is planned for April
    23, 2016. A highlight of Germanica is always to honour the people, who in the past, have done much for
    our ethnic group and for the preservation of our German culture and language. These people will be
    honored by receiving the Heritage Award of German Canadian Congress.

    Nearly three million Canadians describe their cultural heritage as a German. We invite you to become a
    member of the German Canadian Congress. We speak for you!

    The screen at the end of this message will show you how you can contact us

    It is my wish that many of you will stay as or become member of the German Canadian Congress. I am
    looking forward to a good relationship and I wish all of you only the best.

German Canadian Congress, Ontario
Deutschkanadischer Kongress, Ontario