German Canadian Congress, Ontario
Deutschkanadischer Kongress, Ontario

                                      What is GERMANICA?

    Germanica is the most significant public event of the German-Canadian Congress. The
    event has been celebrated several times at intervals of 2-5 years. Honoured at this
    occasion are contributions from various areas of human endeavour, impacting directly
    on the progressive development of Canada and the safeguarding and preserving of
    our German Culture and Language.

    We bestow the „Heritage Award“ on people (i.e. individuals, companies, businesses,
    organizations) who have greatly contributed., to the preservation of our culture,
    traditions and language. We invite representatives of the Governments of Canada, the
    Federal Republic of Germany, and members of the international  press.

                                   Why  GERMANICA ?

    We are of the opinion that  Germanica is important to celebrate our culture and make
    known the special contributions people of Germanic heritage have made to built
    Canada and preserve German Language and culture.

    Of the eight candidates honoured with the „Heritage Award“ at GERMANICA  1998 in
    Delhi/Ontario, four of them  became recipients of the „Federal Cross of Merit“,

    Former German Consul General Dr.Wiprecht von Treskau  recognized Germanica 98
    as a golden opportunity in getting to know prospects to be proposed as future
    candidates for Germany’s highest Civil Service Award.

    All presidents of the German Clubs are invited to be guests at  Germanica to get to
    know each other better, to exchange information about their experiences, and to stay
    in contact.

    The 2016 Germanica Planning Committee