German Canadian Congress, Ontario
Deutschkanadischer Kongress, Ontario

    A; designing plaques that should presented at anniversaries and other occasions. (Ernst)

    B; creating MS cards including invoices and an accompanying letter and mailing of these. ??

    C; preparing and filing the annual Corporate Returns. (Ernst)

    D; preparing and filing the HST Returns (Ernst)

    E; creating annual Financial Statements (Balance Sheet, Inc. & Exp Statements and Notes) (Ernst)

    F; creating  Financial Statements (Balance Sheet, Inc. & Exp Statements for quarterly meetings (Ernst)

    G; creating and assembling and mailing a quarterly Newsletter ??

    H; creating other documents that should be mailed to the members (President)

    I; communication with the members and others. (President)

    J; visiting clubs that are members in the DKK (President)

    K; preparing agendas for meetings (President)

    L; taking and sending out the minutes of all meetings (Secretary)

    M; arranging and attending meetings with the media and with reps of the different levels of government (President)

    N; planning of the next Germanica and/or other events (Committee)

    O; membership drive (President and others)

    P; calling board and membership meetings and invite the people that should take part  (President)

    Q; maintaining and updating the DKK websites  ??

    R; Talk to prospects to join the board and become more involved with the DKK (President)

    S; list the books we want to sell on our Amazon account ??

    T; take care of shipping of books sold on Amazon or otherwise ??

    U; Maintain and update the membership list on a regular basis (Secretary)

    V; Look after financial transactions (paying bills, making deposits, preparing and  sending out invoices, posting to our
    Quicken account etc. (Treasurer, Secretary)

    W; visiting clubs that are DKK members and bring greetings (President or another designated person)

    X; liaison person to keep in touch and communicate with the Clubs ??

    Y; a person to look after and reply to postings on our Face Book site. ??

    Z; a person that helps members who helps people that have problem with their German pension. ??
DKK Ontario
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